Chilli Seeds

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Borg 9 Chilli Seeds (10 Pack)

Borg 9 - Rare Chilli SeedsThe Borg 9 was created by Jon Harper in the UK. It is a cross between the ..


Chilli Seed Collector's Folder

Chilli Seed Collector's FolderStore all of your favourite chilli seeds in this handy PU leather fold..


Chilli Seed Storage Envelope 45mm x 60mm

Chilli Seed Storage Envelope 45mm x 60mmHigh quality, Pure Glassine Envelopes Open on the Short Side..


Fatalii Yellow Chilli Seeds (10 Pack)

Fatalii Yellow Chilli Seeds (10 Pack)The Fatalii Chile is a cultivar of the chilli pepper Capsicum C..